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Not your fault

Sophie is a survivor and has written a poem to help express some of the feelings she has around guilt and blame, and being your authentic self. We’re delighted that she’s decided to share this with the LSLCS blog.


Not your fault

It is not your fault.

Learn to forgive yourself.

Learn to heal,

Just because they don’t hear you,

Doesn’t mean what you are feeling isn’t real.

It is not your fault,

And it is only you that needs to see that for yourself,

Don’t be fooled by the knowledge of someone that thinks they know you or their wealth.

It is not your fault,

Don’t take the responsibility’s of someone else’s actions,

Don’t feel the need to please somebody just for their satisfaction,

We are all going down our own paths and we all need a certain necessity to help us get through,

So don’t worry if it’s taking you a little longer to get where you need to be,

Just keep being you.