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LSLCS Podcast

Good In A Crisis: The LSLCS Podcast

We have a podcast, presented by Barry and Simon at Dial House.

HOW TO LISTEN: Click on the widgets below; listen on Youtube (with subtitles); search for “Good in a crisis” on iTunes podcasts, Google podcasts; and on TuneIn; say “play Good In A Crisis podcast” to your smart speaker (Amazon Alexa, Google Home); listen on the webpage at or add the following RSS link in iTunes (and other players).:


We will be speaking to other staff in LSLCS about our work and covering our philosophy, practice and and updating you on our services.

Episode 7: Alice Owen (Teen Connect Support Worker) and Naoise Poku (Senior Crisis Support Worker at Safe Zone) talks to Barry about the crisis support available for under 18s at LSLCS (posted 5th Jan 2021)


Episode 6: Team Leader of the Retreats in Bournemouth and Dorchester, Daisy Angell, talks to Barry about their crisis services that are based upon Dial House / LSLCS philosophy and practice (posted 8th Sept 2020)


Episode 5: During May and June 2020, LSLCS created and launched a helpline for the frontline volunteers of the Leeds COVID-19 effort to be able to talk about their experiences. Two of the helpline workers, Rebecca and Claire, talk to Barry about their own experiences of lockdown and how we hope the helpline can be of use to others (30th July 2020)


Episode 4: Carol Gatewood, Manager of Dial House @ Touchstone, talks about why we need a BAME (Black Asian and Minority Ethnic) specific crisis service (21st July 2020)


Episode 3: Simon and Barry talk about Carl Rogers’ Person-Centred Approach to therapy, and how we use that in our crisis services (8th July 2020)


Episode 2: How did LSLCS start? What does survivor-led mean? All this and more explained by Simon and Barry (23rd June 2020)


Episode 1: Our first podcast! Barry and Simon talk about how Dial House is operating during the coronavirus lockdown (uploaded 9th June 2020).