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Well-bean Hope In A Crisis Café

Well-bean Hope In A Crisis Café

The Crisis Café is funded by North Leeds CCG from regional NHS England Vanguard money, as West Yorkshire is a vanguard for crisis and urgent care.  The Leeds Crisis and Urgent Care Steering Group has developed the idea for crisis cafés, along with colleagues from across the region. Crisis cafés provide a safe place for people in crisis to go and to prevent avoidable attendances at A&E.

The Leeds Café is a partnership between LSLCS and Touchstone (who are the lead), is funded until March 2021 and runs from three different venues across the week from 6pm to midnight:

Saturday, Sunday and Monday – Lincoln Green Community Centre, Cromwell Mount, LS9 7JB

Tuesday and Wednesday – Touchstone House, 2-4 Middleton Crescent, Beeston, LS11 6JU

Thursday and Friday – New Wortley Community Centre, 40 Tong Rd, Leeds, LS12 1LZ.

The café complements Dial House, with the aim of diverting people from avoidable visits to A&E.  It builds on the work of the Touchstone Winter Wellbeing Café, a project that reached out to some of the vulnerable people who congregate in the area, and will also work closely with A&E staff, including the crisis team, to take direct referrals of people who have turned up at A&E but don’t require medical intervention.

Professional Referral 07760 173505

Self Referral 07760 173476

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