CONNECT HELPLINE: 0808 800 1212
DH@Touchstone: 0113 249 4675
DIAL HOUSE: 0113 260 9328
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Frequently asked questions

Is the service confidential?

Yes. We won’t tell anyone about your visit or call unless you want us to. We discuss visitor and caller issues within the team if there is a need for us to do so, but not outside the service. Occasionally we break confidentiality against someone’s will, but only if we feel there is a significant risk of them harming themselves or someone else (or if they have already done one of these things), or if they tell us a child or vulnerable adult is at risk. We always involve visitors and callers as much as we can in these decisions. Visitors are asked to help keep our service confidential by not taking about other visitors outside of LSLCS services.

Will lots of information about me be written down?

No. You can stay completely anonymous if you ring Connect, and if you use Dial House we require only a first name (which doesn’t have to be your actual name). We can take extra information about you (e.g. an address and phone number) if you want. We write down brief information to hand over to workers on the next shift, and about confidentiality breaches and safeguarding issues (where a vulnerable person or child may be getting abused), but we don’t write ongoing notes or keep files on people. Feedback from visitors is sometimes used for publicity or to show to our funders, but only with permission.

Can I use the service if I have drug and/or alcohol issues?

Yes. You can’t use drugs or alcohol on the premises but you can come to Dial House if you have used drugs or alcohol, as long as you can engage with the service and as long as you are not a risk to yourself or other people.

Can I use the service if I self-harm or feel suicidal?

Yes. A lot of our work is with these issues. However, we can’t support you if you need urgent medical attention. You can’t come to Dial House to act on suicidal feelings, but self-harm is sometimes allowed if you feel you have no other option to help you cope. If you feel you need to self-harm on a visit to Dial House, you must talk to a staff member first and it must not affect other visitors.

Can I talk about my problems at Dial House in the communal areas?

The social areas at Dial House need to stay as calm and stress-free as possible so that all visitors can relax and feel safe. We ask that you save your problems for 1-1 support sessions with staff. If you feel at any time that you cannot cope in the social area and need to speak to someone, let a member of staff know.

Can I get information about other services?

Yes. We will signpost you to any services that are appropriate to your needs, and make referrals if you want us to. This could be to housing workers, advocacy services, community mental health teams, etc. Staff are happy to help you find the information you need.

Can I choose who supports me?

Yes, to an extent. You can choose to have support with a male or a female, which we will try to accommodate wherever we can. If you have a worker preference from the people who are doing support sessions that night, you may request this and we will accommodate if we can, but bear in mind this may not always be possible or practical. If you have a preference, you need to tell us when you ring up. We don’t ‘key work’, so you won’t be able to work with the same person every time you come. Occasionally we may ask if it’s ok for a second worker to ‘shadow’ your support session; this is to help staff learn from one another, particularly new staff and volunteers. It’s completely fine to say no to this if it would make you feel uncomfortable.

What if my request for a Dial House visit is declined?

Try not to see this as a rejection. We usually have more requests for visits than we have space for, so we tend to prioritize people who are most in crisis or at risk, newer visitors, or people we don’t hear from very often. We understand that being declined may be very difficult to deal with if you are in crisis and have nowhere else to turn. If it becomes a serious problem for you, feel free to talk to a staff member.

If you are declined from Dial House, you can still access phone or online support via Connect on 0808 800 1212.

How should I be around other visitors?

You can be yourself at Dial House. Some visitors keep themselves to themselves, and others like to chat and get to know other visitors. There is usually a mix of regular and new or less regular visitors at Dial House and you are welcome regardless of whether you know people here or not. Staff are around in communal areas to help maintain a safe, relaxed environment. If you feel uncomfortable with any aspect of being around other visitors (being asked for support, for your telephone number, for money or cigarettes etc) please talk to staff.

I can’t get childcare. Can I bring a child or children to Dial House?

Yes, as long as you tell us in advance. We have a room that you can be in with your children. You must take responsibility for them during your visit, though staff can look after older children for up to an hour while you have one-to-one support.

Can I bring a friend or family member?

Yes, as long as you tell us in advance. Space is sometimes limited at Dial House so we can’t always allow this, but we always try to. They will be made just as welcome as you.

Can I give positive feedback or make a complaint?

Yes. There are visitor books where you can write comments in each of the rooms, and you can talk to staff if you have something to say. This could be over the phone to a manager if you have a problem with any aspect of your support from us.

Can I get more information about Leeds Survivor-Led Crisis Service?

Yes. Call us on 0113 260 9328 or email us at

Can I choose the time I have support on Connect?

If you have a preference for a particular time you would prefer to have your phone or online support, please let us know when you call or text Connect to request support. We will do our best to accommodate your request, but please be aware that due to the demands of managing a busy service and unforeseen issues that may come up during a shift, it may not always be possible to offer support at the exact time you request.

I would like to go to a group. How do I arrange this?

Please contact Patrick Gatewood, our group work co-ordinator, if you would like to attend any of our groups. All new group visitors need to speak with Patrick before attending – please be aware that unfortunately it is not possible to just turn up on the day if you are new.